Product Review – Macmillan IELTS Skills App

IELTS Skills is the award winning app from Macmillan, helping learners with skills and techniques necessary for achieving high scores in all four papers of the academic IELTS exam. The app goes into detail about what to expect in the exam, helps improve necessary skills and gives tips and guidance to help learners on the day they … Read more

Product Review: Lexicum

Lexicum  is an app designed to help “the 1.5 billion learners around the world with mastering foreign language vocabulary”. It sets itself apart from repeating a word (“boring and ineffective”), personal vocabulary books (restrictive in terms of the order in which the words can be reviewed) and other flashcard apps (they don’t help you learn … Read more

Learning Design Review

Learning Design Review Work with us to build more inclusive and effective learning products and systems and bring positive change to the worlds of education and work To make an inclusive, effective, standout learning experience – that actually does what you want it to – you must go beyond content creation! At LearnJam we review … Read more

Developing an ELT product based on machine learning: Write & Improve

Developing an ELT product based on machine learning: Write & Improve

We believe that artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and natural language processing are going to have a massive impact on ELT, and probably more rapidly than many might expect. A fascinating example of this is a new product from Cambridge called Write & Improve, which aims to provide automated help with writing. Diane Nicholls is one of the team behind the product, and we asked her to tell us more about it. In this in-depth interview, Diane talks about how the system works and, perhaps even more interestingly, how it was developed and what was learned in the process. We think it encapsulates a lot of where ELT is heading – both in what the product itself is trying to do, but also in the way the project has brought together the worlds of ELT, academic research and technology in a way we haven’t seen before.

Review: Writing For a Purpose

Writing for a Purpose is a collaboration between the British Council and Coventry University aimed at improve the writing skills of English Language learners heading to an English-medium university, specifically those in the UK. The project, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, focuses particularly on the different types of academic writing that students … Read more

Review: offers learners an opportunity to look up and save words they come across when reading online articles in another language and then recommends relevant texts for the learners to read in order to extend their vocabulary and improve their reading skills. Users can click on any word in an article they are reading online and, after … Read more

Review: Voxy

Most of you will already be familiar with Voxy, indeed it’s not the first time that they’ve been mentioned here on ELTjam. But as we have developed a new system for reviewing EdTech products, we thought it would be nice to run their language learning tool through and see what came out. Voxy launched in 2010 … Read more

Review: Olive Green

It’s Manhattan, or somewhere similar, and the James Bond style music plays loudly as we cut from a cityscape to a young woman, dressed in black, walking up an outdoor staircase and into a rooftop apartment. We see that her hands are bloody as she opens the metal flight case she’s carrying. We watch as … Read more

velawoods english

Velawoods English

Velawoods English is an immersive, self-study English course that, according to its website, “offers the next best thing to living in an English speaking country”. We spoke to the Managing Director of Velawoods Learning, Hani Malouf, and Cambridge University Press’s Publisher for Consumer, Keith Sands, to hear more about the vision behind the product and their experience of putting it together.

Case Study: Faraday

CASE STUDIES Faraday Helping a purpose-driven start-up to develop a set of key learning principles and lesson content, aimed at widening access to trade apprenticeships. Faraday backs hard-working people pursuing careers in critical industries with training, career placement, and mentorship. Website Project purpose Faraday was founded by Alex Coleman, who had grown up in a … Read more

Case Study: Kognity

CASE STUDIES Kognity Defining a set of guiding learning principles and creating a learning design system to help an edtech organisation adopt a progressive new approach. Founded in Sweden, Kognity was designed to redefine the traditional textbook and supercharge the learning process as we know it. Today, Kognity is loved by thousands of students, in hundreds … Read more

Case study: Excedo

NIKKEI-FINANCIAL TIMES Business communication skills courses for ‘Excedo’, a new mobile first learning experience from Nikkei-Financial Times Results Within two weeks of being commissioned, we had a highly experienced content team in place and had established an Agile course development approach.  That allowed us to cut course development time from 12 to 8 weeks, with … Read more

Article – What makes an effective learning experience?

3 key principles from learning research What really works in learning? To find the answers to this we carried out a massive research project to seek out the evidence from learning research, cognitive psychology and neuroscience. We’ve turned that research into a set of practical learning design principles to support anyone designing online courses – … Read more