Helping learning organisations perform better and fulfil their purpose

We help organisations evolve their work and learning systems to create effective, inclusive learning experiences.

by research

We use our experience, combined with evidence- and research-based learning design principles, to help you create learning that really works.
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of all learners

Work with us to integrate inclusive learning design into your organisation and build learning experiences that break down rather than reinforce existing inequalities.
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ways of working

We use a holistic approach that combines systems thinking, design thinking and learner-centred processes to drive positive change in education and work.
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Better learning products

We help organisations design and build effective, inclusive learning experiences.

Better learning systems

We help organisations improve the way they design and build learning experiences for customers and employees.

Better work systems

We help organisations become living, learning systems that bring positive change to the worlds of education and work.

Better world

Our mission is to contribute to building education and work systems that cultivate the knowledge and skills we need for the future.

“Working with LearnJam was a really fun, joyful experience that substantially improved the product – both in the learning content itself and in the key elements of the learning experience valued by users.”

Victor Ramos, Co-Managing Partner, Edinumen

Latest articles

What makes an effective learning experience?
We carried out a major project to identify what really works in adult learning, according to learning research. This identified three key principles. Read our in-depth article explaining what these are and how to put them into practice.

Education at heart of sustainable future
The future of humanity depends on how well we can move towards more sustainable, equitable and healthy ways of living. A reworked education system to serve this purpose can drive the changes we need.key element of our learning design approach.

An introduction to inclusive learning design
As the move to online learning accelerates dramatically, learners are being left behind. In response to this, we’ve initiated an Innovate UK funded research and development project to develop and share best practices in inclusive online learning.

Our four-day week: shorter and better
LearnJam now operates a 4-day work week. This means we’re away from our desks on Fridays, spending time resting, learning, being with friends and family and doing the things that energise and inspire us. 

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