You Are Nature:
Experiments in entanglement

A pedagogical zine, inviting you to reconsider your relationship with “nature” and play with your infinite connections to the world.


You Are Nature is a pedagogical zine / mini workbook with gentle, reflective activities that invite you to reconsider your relationship with “nature”, designed to play with the way you perceive and interact with the world around you.

We hope that by chipping away at the delusion that we humans are separate from each other and from nature, we can begin to imagine radically better ways of being together on this planet.

You Are Nature invites you to:

  • Relax and shift your awareness to the present moment, as well as thinking hundreds of years into the past and future
  • Explore your infinite connections with the more-than-human world, challenging the illusion of separation
  • Acknowledge and tend to the planet’s limits, reflecting on the myth of endless growth
  • Question notions of human superiority and acknowledge our complicity in systemic violence, in a way that inspires us to make things better (not perfect)
  • Share the experiments with others, acknowledging that we cannot make systemic change as individuals

We plan on creating a new edition each season.

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The Autumn 2023 edition will be printed in October 2023 and will be available until the end of the year or until copies are gone!