The problem

Our client had just raised money and wanted to rapidly scale their workforce of frontline office management workers. They needed to hire 500 new team members in three months but also needed to maintain the quality of work from those new hires. The goal was to take people who, for good reason, had never cared about a job before and turn them into diligent, conscientious, quality- and customer-focused operators who could consistently delight clients and earn 5-star reviews.

The solution

We spent time in the field with our client’s workforce and designed an onboarding and training programme that could be delivered digitally – specifically via mobile phone using as little data as possible. We mapped all the stakeholders and conducted deep learner interviews to understand the learner problem and rapidly piloted an appropriate curriculum and content.

Key takeaways

The resulting training programme we proposed focused not only on the development of technical skills but also on instilling a deep sense of purpose in the operators, on creating accountability, and on developing a genuine sense of pride in a job well done. To this end, it was much more sophisticated than we would have expected at the start of the work. Managed by Q has since raised $100m in venture funding and was acquired by We Work in April 2019.

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