The problem

For ambitious business executives in Asia and Latin America, communicating effectively in English in an international business environment is critical to their success. Our client, Excedo, had identified an opportunity to help these executive learners develop their language skills and business skills simultaneously, using a range of micro-learning courses. Excedo needed to develop their high quality courses rapidly, cost effectively and in a way that demonstrated sound pedagogical principles for both language and soft skill development. High quality pedagogy in a digital environment at scale and at hyper speed – right up our street!

The solution

We worked closely with the Excedo team to develop a skills framework and learning curriculum. Working in close partnership with the in-house product team, we then developed the business communication and English language skills courses which form the core of the product proposition. The mobile-first courses follow a micro-learning approach and use rich learning content including video and audio (which we produced) to facilitate an ‘active learning’ approach. 

LearnJam provided us with expertise in best practice learning design and digital innovation. We were looking for people to challenge our thinking and take our project to the next level – that's exactly what they did.

Debra Marsh, Director Learning Design and Teacher Management, Excedo

Key takeaways / results

Within two weeks of being commissioned, we had a highly experienced content team in place and had established an Agile course development approach.  That allowed us to cut course development time from 12 to 8 weeks, with no compromise on quality. Adopting key principles of Agile development made the process more collaborative and gave stakeholders greater flexibility and visibility of the end product as it was developed. Excedo’s research showed that after completing three of the ten-hour courses, 90% of learners reported feeling more confident about communicating in international business situations and that after five courses there was a 15% capability improvement in completing communicative tasks.

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