The problem

90% of data breaches are caused by human error and yet most people do not take steps to minimise their risk. It’s a challenge to get employees to pay attention to, learn from or take action based on traditional security awareness programmes. Our client needed us to design and write content that didn’t just tell users how to be secure online, but helped them actually develop lasting behaviours that resulted in long-term security.

The solution

We helped Edwin develop a learning approach to their “missions” (bite-size and practical modules). We worked closely with their cybersecurity expert to devise ways of enabling users to actually prove that they are demonstrating positive security behaviours rather than merely telling them why taking action is important.

LearnJam helped us build a framework, a methodology, a user experience, and now a templatized model for scaling, all around our core business proposition: behavior change in cybersecurity.

Amit Lubling, CEO, Edwin

Key takeaways / results

The learning principles that we contributed to the development of missions dramatically shaped Edwin’s product positioning and continues to inform the development of both content and product features. Edwin has already onboarded paying clients and is in the process of expanding its mission set to cover more areas of security, from developer security to helping university students stay safe online.

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