The problem

Guadalingo is an immersive language-learning game set in a fictional cityscape. Learners navigate through the game by completing missions and tasks at three levels (A1, A2, B1). The original game was developed for learners of Spanish, but Edinumen wanted to develop an English language version that retained the gameplay and narrative of the original. They also wanted to ensure that the English version of the game was pedagogically robust and reflected the language frameworks of course materials that teachers and learners were already using in their classrooms.

The solution

We conducted user interviews to get a deeper understanding of how learners were currently using the game and carried out a learner experience design (LXD) audit, focusing specifically on the game’s content, pedagogy, interaction and UX.  We prioritised changes to the content and curriculum to improve the experience for users, and to make it easy to benchmark against print course materials already being used by teachers and learners.

Working with LearnJam was a really fun, joyful experience that substantially improved the product – both in the learning content itself and in the key elements of the learning experience more valued by users.

Victor Ramos, Co-Managing Partner, Edinumen

Key takeaways / results

Our user interviews provided Edinumen with invaluable insights into the expectations and behaviours of current users of the game. This enabled us to help them create a prioritised list of feature requests and course changes that they could share with their in-house development team. Our LXD audit helped us identify content changes that needed to be made in order to position the ELT adaptation accurately alongside existing class materials and frameworks.

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