The problem

Apollo have a healthy bricks and mortar business in Vietnam, mostly teaching younger learners and kindergarten students English. Recently, Apollo have been exploring ways to bring the experience online in some way and offer learners and their parents more flexibility about how and when they study. With so many possible routes forwards, Apollo asked us to help identify the best way to go about designing and developing the Apollo digital component.

The solution

Through a series of remote consultancy sessions, and an in-person design sprint in Ho Chi Minh City, we helped Apollo better understand their learners and their parents, as well as the key business aims for the company. We then explored and evaluated possible routes forwards, looking at everything from full custom-development to licensing of off-the-shelf digital options. We provided Apollo with a set of possible options and how they compare, with suggestions for next steps to move the project forwards.

LearnJam always listen to our stakeholders and dig deep into internal and external customer feedback, giving us clear action plans and helping us move forward.

Laurie Miller, Head of Content and Learning, Apollo Education

Key takeaways / results

There was huge value in our technology-agnostic approach. All technology and development options were on the table throughout the process, to be objectively evaluated. This meant that we weren’t pushing Apollo in a direction that wasn’t right for them. In the end, we saved Apollo money by advising against custom development. There is often an urge to build a product from scratch, as the potential is powerful, and the complexity and challenge often not fully understood. We helped Apollo uncover some of the complexity and weigh up the challenge and the risk with the intended value and outcomes for learners and the company.

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