The problem

Fast growing companies have a significant challenge supporting their people as the company grows. So much is changing so quickly that, as a new hire or existing employee, it is often hard to know where to look to find the information you need to do your job effectively. The impact of this was being felt by everyone in our client’s company and they needed to implement an engaging, pedagogically robust team training solution at breakneck speed.  

The solution

After initial learner research, we began by interviewing subject matter experts in the company to gather information that was up to date and relevant. We scaled a team of experienced learning content writers and editors and began creating video scripts, concept checking questions and practice exercises that delivered on the learning objectives we had identified with the client’s SMEs. 

Within a matter of weeks of starting the project we were releasing 10—12 high-quality, technical, bitesize learning units a week directly through the client’s chosen sales readiness platform.

This programme is helping our sales reps learn more quickly, which in turn is reducing sales rep onboarding and time to productivity.

Ben Cotton, Senior Sales Enablement Manager

Key takeaways

As a result of our learning design principles, our client’s sales reps (both new hires and existing team members) are now learning the skills and processes they need to demonstrate their impact in the field more quickly. This is helping the organisation reduce the time it takes for a new hire to be productive and revenue generating. 

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