Video: ELT in the digital age Q&A

Who doesn’t love a free webinar? Am I right?

On Monday afternoon I fired up my laptop, checked my hair in the webcam and hit Go Live to commence our ELT in the Digital Age Q&A webinar. On the panel were Kirsten Campbell-Howes (Head of Education at busuu), Laura Patsko (Senior Research Manager at Cambridge University Press) and our very own Nick Robinson. Over the course of our 50-minute conversation, the panel shared their thoughts on the following questions:

  • What do we actually mean when we talk about a ‘digital age’?
  • What are some of the biggest trends that are set to impact the ELT industry?
  • What are the main challenges facing companies developing digital language learning products?
  • What trends/events outside of the ELT industry should we be learning from?

.. and more besides. It made for a truly fascinating session. There were gems like Laura’s description of print course book materials acting like a Trojan horse as a way of positioning digital products in front of otherwise reluctant teachers. Similarly, an insightful consensus on how ELT could learn a great deal from how fitness apps and products have engendered certain behaviours in their users.

All in all, very much worth a watch if you missed it! We would like to thank Kirsten and Laura for their time and incredible input.

Stay tuned for more FREE ELTjam webinars in the future.


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