Effective remote working

Remote working can be just as effective as office-based working. But that doesn’t just happen automatically. This course draws on our experience as a fully remote team, sharing actionable insights that mean you and your team can reach maximum productivity and avoid the most common pitfalls. | 60min. £29 per person.

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Effective remote meetings and workshops

Remote meetings and workshops were already becoming more common. But now everyone is having to get to grips with them – and they present real challenges, whether you’re a participant or the meeting leader. This course provides practical strategies and tools which you can put into practice straight away to make your remote sessions more productive and even enjoyable. | 60min. £39 per person.

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Leading remote teams

Leading a co-located team well is hard enough; add distance, and even the strongest leaders can struggle to find their footing. This course draws on the LearnJam team’s extensive experience of leading remotely and covers areas such as performance management and feedback, motivation, trust and team cohesion. Leaders will leave the session with a toolkit of techniques they can apply with their teams straight away to maintain high performance, even at a distance. | 60min. £39 per person.

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Productivity Toolkit

We’re already working hard, so simply trying to working harder isn’t the solution – and it risks stress and burnout. This course provides actionable strategies and techniques to help you get more of the right things done by focusing more deliberately on how you spend your time, energy and attention. The course is packed with tips and techniques you can apply instantly to make a real difference, along with principles and strategies to help you embed long term changes in how you approach your work. | 3 x 60min. £89 per person.

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