Nice to meet you!

We’re a team of learning designers and content specialists based in London, Cambridge and Barcelona.

Everyone at LearnJam has a background in teaching, combined with significant experience and expertise in educational publishing and EdTech.

We believe online learning should help everyone achieve their potential. Our mission is to make this happen by helping learning providers create the best learning experiences they can – through learning science, engaging content, great design and thoughtful use of technology.

Our story

In 2013 an obvious and damaging disconnect between the worlds of education and technology inspired us to do something meaningful to bridge the gap. That led us to found LearnJam (originally ELTjam) – a digital learning agency and consultancy, working with EdTech startups, publishers and learning providers to help them develop their digital products and content.

Meet the team

Laurie Harrison

Laurie Harrison - photo

Laurie held senior digital roles in educational publishing for 10 years before co-founding LearnJam (then ELTjam) in 2013. He specialises in digital product development and setting up and running large-scale learning projects.

Lucy Williams

Photo of Lucy Williams

Lucy has worked in digital education since 2006, developing online and mobile learning content for ELT publishers and startups. She specialises in agile content creation and helps teams get projects off the ground quickly.

Tim Gifford

Photo of Tim Gifford

Tim started working in digital educational publishing in 2008 before co-founding the company in 2013. He uses creativity and our learning principles to help businesses bring their workplace learning to life.

Jo Sayers

Photo of Jo Sayers

Jo worked in syllabus design and EdTech product development before joining us in 2014. Jo combines technical expertise with product design knowledge and helps organisations create innovative digital learning solutions.

Katy Asbury

Photo of Katy Asbury

Katy has a background in both teaching and ELT publishing. As a Learning Designer, she is interested in how to best combine pedagogy, content and UX into usable, and impactful digital solutions for learners.

Berta Rojals

Photo of Berta Rojals

With a previous life in teaching and a passion for design & UX, Berta brings her special blend of skills in building learner-centred products that learners love. Berta is based in Barcelona. 

Nick Robinson

Photo of Nick Robinson

Nick has worked in learning and development for almost 20 years and has held senior roles in several publishing and EdTech organisations. He’s one of our co-founders, and now specialises in training and coaching.

Our network

In addition to our in-house team, we have a large and well-established network of partners and collaborators. This means we can scale flexibly to manage projects of any size and ensure that every project team has exactly the specialist skills it needs. Our network includes:

  • Content experts (writers, editors, copywriters, proofreaders)
  • Creatives (designers, illustrators, animators)
  • Media producers (video and audio producers, script writers)
  • Technology teams (software developers, UX designers, product managers)
  • Subject matter experts
  • Project managers