Does Agile work in ELT print publishing?

Two years ago, ELTjam asked whether it was possible to produce an ELT course book using Agile workflows in the strictest definition of the term, creating lots of discussion. At emc design, we’re starting to see our clients use many different approaches to new courses, some using agile-inspired techniques. But can traditional ELT print publishers take ‘true’ Agile on board sustainably? Is it possible to approach a print product in exactly the same way as we approach digital products? Or are they just too different?

What I Learned In 2013

It’s 2014 and perhaps a little late for a comprehensive review of EdTech in 2013.  I’d rather not miss the chance to take a brief look back though, so I’ll take a more personal approach.  This is what I learned in 2013 …