What is it you do again? Four new jobs in ELT

As ELT goes digital and expands into multi-faceted, multi-platform products (but with books not set to disappear anytime soon) and publishers restructuring all over the place, you might find yourself, as an author or editor, dealing with people with a whole array of unfamiliar job titles. Most of the people who do these jobs find themselves constantly answering the  question “What is it exactly you do?” — if their blogs are anything to go by. To save you being that person at the coffee machine, here’s a rundown of some of the more common roles.

Equal rights for nNESTs?

In this guest post Marek Kiczkowiak from the blog TEFL Reflections and the TEFL Equity Advocates campaign explores the issue of prejudice against non-native English speaker teachers and issues a plea for a more egalitarian approach to hiring teachers, placing more emphasis on skills and qualifications than on mother tongue.