Learner Experience Design

ELTjam LXD Session: Nick Robinson

On the evening of the 13th April, amidst the noise and tomfoolery of the 50th IATEFL Conference, we hosted an underground ELTjam Session on Learner Experience Design (LXD). We invited four speakers to share their thoughts on the subject, while the audience supped on craft ales. First up was our very own Nick Robinson. Here is his opening salvo from that night …

5 minutes at an ELTjam session: Pt. 2/3

Watch Director of MGVDO Martyn Gretton and Business Development Manager at EMC Design Sophie O’Rourke share their thoughts and predictions on how technology might effect the future of ELT. The videos were taken at an ELTjam session during the 2014 IATEFL conference in Harrogate. They each last for five-minutes and are there to get people talking about what is happening to the ELT industry now and what might happen later.