Digging beneath the surface to inspire change that is radical, sustainable and hopeful

As social and environmental crises converge and crescendo, the need for radical change has never been more urgent. Amid this urgency, organisations dedicated to making positive change find themselves faced with the daily challenge of keeping their communities engaged, active and in good spirits. 

While you may recognise that learning and unlearning have a role to play in the metacrisis, we believe it is by really understanding and embedding a learning-centric approach that change organisations can get to the root of sustainable engagement and impact.

The current role of learning for social and environmental change

Today’s crises, and our abilities to tackle them, are situated in a problematic education system. The dominant education system perpetuates social and environmental issues by obscuring the realities of violence and injustice in the world. Geared towards “success” in existing socio-economic models, it’s a system that fosters ignorance, conformity, and compliance instead of empowering us to tackle the real issues of our time.

To break free from this, learning and unlearning are essential. However, we are more often seeing the following within change organisations:

  • Mistaking good user experience and entertaining content for genuine learning
  • Overlooking the explicit role of learning completely

Digging beneath the surface

If we want to make real and lasting change – if we want to inspire action that is radical, sustainable and hopeful – we must think beyond the surface-level of user experience and content. 

The term ‘radical’ itself holds significance; originating from the Latin word ‘radix’ meaning ‘root’. It calls us to dig beneath the surface.

We must delve into the heart of individuals and communities, helping them to connect with their values, intrinsic motivators, feelings; and each other. We must promote a positive mental state and offer the right balance of support and challenge. 

We can achieve all of this through the implementation of a creative and effective learning-centric approach. When you have cultivated the fertile foundations of a learning-centric approach, meaningful content and user experience will follow, and radical change will take root.

“Bombarding people with information isn’t enough – it’s far too easy to get desensitised and not everyone has the time or ability to understand the complexities of climate science or economic theory… What we really need is motivation. Hope… This can unite us.”

Mikaela Loach – It’s Not That Radical

What is a learning-centric approach for change?

A learning-centric approach for change goes beyond the dissemination of information. It’s a methodology designed to deliver specific outcomes to your community, given their contexts. It will help you answer questions such as:

  • How are we responding to what our community already knows? 
  • How are we genuinely motivating our community?
  • How are we keeping our community in good spirits?
  • How are we helping our community build confidence over time?
  • How are we helping our community learn from each other? 
  • How are we learning from our community?

Your next steps

We invite you to download our learning design principles and start by trying to answer the above questions.

For more information and support, please express interest in our webinar where we will guide you through these questions (and more) to help you explore a learning-centric approach to the change you want to see in the world (date to-be-confirmed).

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