Storytelling for Resistance

Cultural Co-learning for Palestinians Worldwide

Do you want to connect with other Palestinians across the globe?

Do you want to learn about Palestinian cultural resistance?

Do you want to tell your own creative story in English?

If this is you, apply to take part in our new free summer programme for Palestinians worldwide.

About the programme

For young adults (18-35 years old) who self identify as Palestinian, this programme provides an empowering space in which creative storytelling can be developed in English.

During our weekly sessions, we will analyze and discuss Palestinian cultural resistance by delving into music, spoken word, literature, film, and visual art. We will then use these inspirational works to create our own stories of resistance.

By inviting Palestinians from every part of the world, the programme aims to connect fragmented communities and provide a safe space where participants can learn from each another.

Why Storytelling for Resistance?

Palestinians are a forcefully fragmented society which is the result of  a conscious effort by the occupying regime to divide Palestinian communities in order to weaken resistance. The apartheid wall, checkpoints and travel permits are all policy features that lead to a deteriorated social fabric. The occupation creates unlivable conditions for Palestinians within historic Palestine and in particular in Gaza (through war, threat, dehumanisation and humiliation). 

The forced expulsion of Palestinians has led to a diaspora, residing in other countries in the region, Europe, the US and Latin-America. Connecting Palestinians across those borders is a challenging but essential task. 

This project acknowledges these challenges and, therefore, invited Palestinians from across the globe to participate in co-learning sessions on creative storytelling. 

The occupying regime targets not only people, but also their very essence; Palestinian culture and heritage. We currently witness occupation in its most brutal and relentless form: an ongoing genocide in Gaza. This is evident in the massive arrests of  students, the murder of Refaat Alareer, the bombing of museums, and censorship of Palestinian creative voices, among many other things. Palestinians, however, continue to resist their cultural erasure and live up to the words of legendary activist and writer Ghassan Kanafani: “you have something in this world, so stand for it”. 

Practical information

  • 5 x 2-hour online sessions on Zoom
  • Activities to prepare you for the sessions and support afterwards to create your own creative output in English
  • Wednesday evenings sessions between July 31st – September 4th, 2024.
  • Exact scheduling will take place after the selection process
  • The programme is free of any costs 

For more information, contact

Funding for the programme

This programme will be delivered by LearnJam and all the sessions will be facilitated by Palestinian hosts. The funding for the programme was provided by the British Council. None of the session content was censored in any way and none of your stories will be shared without your consent.

Application requirements

For this programme, we will select our participants based on 3 elements:

1) Self-identification and age group 18-35

We ask every participant to self-identity with a specific area in or outside of Palestine. We have a quota in place which will ensure that every group has equal access to this programme. Also, we invite young adults to participate in this program, ranging from 18 to 35 years old.  

2) English communication skills 

We expect from every participant at least a B1+ level of English. For more information about what a learner of B1 level is able to do, go here

3) Motivation

We ask participants to upload a written text and voice note/video through which we measure your motivation to participate in the programme. 

Please complete the application form as soon as possible to apply for this programme, as places are limited.

We will let you know if you are selected to join our sessions by the 15th of July, 2024.

“I’m proud that we are able to do this project, and support the cultural resistance in Palestine.

Jo Sayers, Director, LearnJam