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We create (un)learning experiences to help you imagine and transition towards radically better ways of being on this planet

What we do

We have over 10 years of experience, designing and delivering effective, engaging learning experiences. We are now applying our skills and experience to design, deliver and facilitate learning experiences that help people imagine and transition towards radically better ways of being on this planet.

We apply our Learning Design Principles and good practice learning design to the challenge of how we can develop sustainable, equitable and healthy ways of living and being together on planet earth.

In practice, this could look like: 

  • Dreaming up and sharing with the world our own learning experiences and pedagogical experiments 
  • Partnering with like-minded organisations to co-create (un)learning that has a positive impact on the world
  • Working with organisations to create new learning experiences, or improve experiences that already exist – in pursuit of better ways of being
  • Working with organisations to define bespoke learning principles or a learning philosophy, to guide the development of learning experiences that are meaningful and consistent
  • Something else. We’re open to new ideas and exciting, new or radical ways of working

Our approach

What we believe

  • We believe that our current systems are not fit for purpose, and are entering their final phases. We are living in the end of an era and need to come together to co-create a brighter and better tomorrow, starting today
  • We believe that sustainable futures are only possible by addressing the exploitative, extractive, inequitable, and violent systems that we live in
  • We believe in finding joy and balance in our current lives, to give us energy to co-create better futures
  • We believe it’s important to bring our whole selves into our work, and we encourage our partners and clients to do the same
How we work
  • We take time to deeply understand the context we are working in, and the needs of our collaborators and learners
  • We base learning design decisions on what the evidence says about how people learn
  • We follow creative, engaging processes to design new, innovative ways of (un)learning
  • We advocate for prototyping and experimentation as a way to build confidence as we move towards learning experiences that have impact
Things we are interested in
  • Understanding the systems that have got us into this mess
  • Shock realisations, epiphanies & eureka moments
  • Connecting with and being inspired by nature
  • Decolonialism, equity and justice
  • Alternative economics
  • Community and connection
  • Mental and physical health
  • Sustaining and letting go
  • Regenerative farming, food & nutrition
If you have an idea for an (un)learning experiment, or would like our input into your existing project, we’d love to chat.