Evidence-informed learning design

Our Learning Design Principles (ebook)

The 3 principles behind effective learning

Our learning design principles - cover image

Our Learning Design Principles are based on the latest research into what really works in learning. They inform everything we do when designing and developing online learning solutions for our clients.


Learning Design Principles Whitepaper

The Three Principles of Effective Learning Design - Whitepaper cover image

This is the full whitepaper version of our learning design principles, with more detail and more extensive references.


COVID-19 Impact report

COVID-19 Impact Report cover

Our research into how NGOs are responding to
challenges caused by the pandemic, and specific recommendations for how the sector can improve the provision of digital or remote learning and programming.

Inclusive learning design

The importance of inclusive learning design
The background to our work on ILXD and our guiding principles.

An introduction to inclusive learning design (ILXD)
The last year has seen an unprecedented rush to teaching, learning, and working online. This has highlighted – and also worsened – problems of access and inclusion for many learners worldwide. This articles explores what we can and should be doing about this.

Cards for inclusive learning
Raise your awareness of inclusive learning design and reflect on what makes a learning experience inclusive. Each deck helps you explore one of the four dimensions of inclusive learning, with prompts for reflection and action.

ILXD dimensions
There are many diverse and interrelated factors that can affect the inclusiveness of a learning experience. The ILXD Dimensions framework maps this complexity into one practical resource, helping learning designers and educators to understand and address exclusion risks in learning experiences.

Moving towards an inclusive mindset
Many of us sincerely believe that the world could be a fairer, more inclusive place – and that we all have a role to play in shaping this vision of a better future. But where to begin?

Tools and templates

Learner persona template

A key part of the learning design process is developing a deep understanding of the learners you’re designing for. We recommend creating learner personas based on your user research. This is the persona template we use.


Powerful questions

A great way to compile a Learner Persona is by using these ‘powerful questions’ in your learner interviews. These are designed to move from functional questions to more emotion-based ones.