In these uncertain times, we want to contribute by sharing our digital learning knowledge and experience – and encouraging everyone to do the same. We’re creating a video series under the hashtag #RemoteTogether to bring us all together, brainstorm, discuss and share how we as learning professionals can respond to the challenges we’re facing. 

Every week we’re going to pick a relevant theme. At 5pm (UK time) every day we’re sharing a 1-minute video with a tip related to the theme. And asking you for your own ideas, tips and questions. At the end of each week, we’re hosting a short webinar to bring everything together and to respond to questions that have come up over the week.

Week 1: Adapting online learning

How can we best move in-person learning experiences online quickly, while maintaining their pedagogical value? At the moment, everyone is scrambling to get their learning content and classes online. This needs to be done incredibly quickly, but without sacrificing what makes the in-person learning experiences work well. We’re working with learning providers and publishers right now to help them do this, so we wanted to share some of the things that we think make a real difference when doing this kind of work.

Monday 23rd March: Pause to consider the learner 

Even when time is against you, it’s really worth pausing (if only briefly!) to consider the learners you’re designing an online experience for. Jo Sayers shares his top tip on this topic:


Learner Persona

Tuesday 24th March: Use the available interactions to your advantage

Whatever platform you’re using for your online course, you’ll probably have a variety of interaction types available: live classes, self-study activities, peer-tasks, projects, chat, forums etc. Katy Asbury explains how you need to map your existing course materials to these interaction types.

Wednesday 25th Match: Prioritise and iterate

In the current circumstances, you almost certainly can’t do everything you’d want to do with your online course. But that’s OK! Laurie Harrison shares some tips on how prioritise so you can get something out quickly, and then incrementally improve it.


Prioritisation Exercises – PDF version here & MURAL board template here

Thursday 26th March: Optimise your learning design

When you’re planning an online course, especially when under pressure, it’s easy to get caught up in the details and forget what really matters: the learner. Lucy Williams shares some tips on ways to look at the bigger picture of your learning design, while still keeping the learner at the centre of your decisions.


The LearnJam Canvas here

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