#Remote Together – Week 3: Online Teaching

In these uncertain times, we want to contribute by sharing our digital learning knowledge and experience – and encouraging everyone to do the same. We’re creating a video series under the hashtag #RemoteTogether to bring us all together, brainstorm, discuss and share how we as learning professionals can respond to the challenges we’re facing. 

Week 3: Online Teaching

Recent school closures have meant that online learning and particularly online teaching have boomed in the past few weeks. We have invited three teachers with wide experience in online learning to share their experiences, challenges and tips.

  • Anna Neil – English teacher & trainer & co-founder of Explayn (Brighton, UK)
  • Héctor Hernández – Spanish Editor at Babbel & former English Teacher (Berlin, Germany)
  • Zan Raynor – Language Coach Consultant (Florida, US)

Monday 6th April: What’s your biggest challenge teaching online and how do you deal with it?

Switching your face-to-face experience to a digital one definitely comes with its own challenges. What are teachers doing to overcome them? Hear some tips from our three guest teacher experts.  

Tuesday 7th April: What’s your favourite tool and why?

Moving your classroom online means oodles of tools available at your fingertips. Some teachers are born with a thirst and appetite for new things to try, while others are overwhelmed by the options. Our three guest teaching experts share their favourite tools with us.

Wednesday 8th April: What will be the biggest change in teaching after this period of uncertainty?

Our three experts agree that the post-Corona world will be different than the one we’re living in. but how will it change? 

Thursday 9th April: What does a well designed online course look like to you?

Moving courses from in-person to online isn’t a copy and paste job. Our three guest online teaching experts share what elements they consider essential for a well designed online experience. 

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