Meet the LearnJam team

Hero Patsko

Hero spent a year or so foraging and growing increasingly scruffy on the streets of Athens, Greece, before joining the LearnJam team in 2020. His main passions are food, treats and generally anything that seems like it might be edible. He specialises in interrupting webinars with urgent announcements about nothing in particular.

Phyllis Williams

Phyllis has more than 5 years’ experience in canine experience design (CXD), working with different educational pup-lishers and start-pups before joining the LearnJam team in 2019. She’s also an avid ball enthusiast and enjoys coaching her local 2-aside squeaky football team.

Ringo Harrison

Ringo heads up our Important Business division. There is much important business to be done, including marching around squeaking out orders, and patrolling the perimeters of LearnJam’s demarcated territory and repelling intruders.

Kampanelos Patsko

Kampanelos has been a keen scholar of sleeping and relaxation practices since 2013. He combines expertise in work-life balance with a natural talent for minimising screen time, and founded the now world-renowned ‘30-Minute Working Week’ in 2017. He’s based wherever is warmest on any given day.

George Harrison

A founding member of the team, George manages our catering function, ensuring a steady supply of biscuits (for himself). He also provides project support on an ad hoc basis, on the rare occasions when he is neither asleep nor demanding more biscuits.

Prue Williams

The newest and youngest member of the team, Prue joined LearnJam on work experience in the summer and has been here ever since. Super keen and quick to learn, she’s already a specialist in disemboweling cuddly toys, high-fiving for treats and jumping up on the kitchen counter.

Support team

We also have a team of support staff, although we’re not entirely sure what they do:

Katy Asbury
Tim Gifford
Laurie Harrison
Laura Patsko
Berta Rojals
Jo Sayers
Rebecca Thornton
Lucy Williams

Our network

In addition to our in-house team, we have a large and well-established network of partners and collaborators. This means we can scale flexibly to manage projects of any size and ensure that every project team has exactly the specialist skills it needs. Our network includes:

  • Content experts (writers, editors, copywriters, proofreaders)
  • Creatives (designers, illustrators, animators)
  • Media producers (video and audio producers, script writers)
  • Technology teams (software developers, UX designers, product managers)
  • Subject matter experts
  • Project managers