Learning Design Review

Learning Design Review

Work with us to build more inclusive and effective learning products and systems and bring positive change to the worlds of education and work

To make an inclusive, effective, standout learning experience – that actually does what you want it to – you must go beyond content creation!

At LearnJam we review your learning experience using our expertise in both learning design and inclusive learning.

We look deeply into the foundations of your learning product and processes, and through our learning design frameworks, we develop a set of informed recommendations and opportunities for you to explore.

Experience has taught us that time spent on foundational thinking leads to:

  • Creating learning experiences that are more effective
  • Getting to your end goal more quickly
  • Creating something that stands out
  • Being more inclusive in practice

What you get

At the end of the Learning Design Review you will have: 

Prioritised recommendations

Prioritised, actionable recommendations to help improve your learning product and processes.

Implementation guide

A clear process for implementing the highest priority recommendations.

Learning inclusivity boost

An understanding of why inclusive learning design is important for your learners and organisation.

LearnJam really pushed our thinking during our work together - they challenged us throughout the project, but always in the right way. The whole team were a pleasure to work with.
VP design @ Kognity

How it works

We work closely with your team to facilitate space to learn, listen and reflect. We then use our Learning Design Principles and Inclusive Learning Design Framework (ILXD) to audit and deliver clear, actionable recommendations.

A review often includes the following steps:

  1. An initial discovery session with key stakeholders and the LearnJam team
  2. A review of your existing experience or planned experience against our evidence-based learning and inclusivity principles
  3. Listening exercises to help us understand your organisation, your products and your processes
  4. Recommendations report including clear, actionable recommendations to make effective changes
  5. A workshop to present, explore and prioritise recommendations to make your experiences, processes and ways of working more effective and inclusive, based on pain points and opportunities.

The process usually happens over 2-4 weeks, but we will tailor the review to meet the needs of your organisation and can discuss and define the process in an initial call together.

Why work with us

At LearnJam, we help organisations embrace complexity and interconnectedness to not only create a single better learning experience, but also new ways of thinking and working that mean all of your learning experiences will be better for learners, your team and the world.

We’re interested in collaborating with like-minded organisations to create impact in EdTech, Climate, Future of Education, Future of Work, and more.