Move your in-person
course online.

Got a successful in-person training programme, but you need digital learning expertise to turn it into an online course?

We’re here to help.

Design a powerful online course.

We work with you to create:

  • A clear course design and methodology
  • A course storyboard that describes how your learners will reach their learning objectives.
  • A detailed content map explaining what the course is going to cover and when.
  • Content and learning design guidelines that define how your content is going to work online.
  • Learning science recommendations for how to optimise your course.
  • Time and cost estimates for full course production.

We know what makes effective learning.

Simply replicating presentations, workbooks and training materials online isn't going to drive the learning outcomes you need. Creating an online course that makes a real impact involves designing for how people learn. Our extensive research into learning science tells us that, to be effective, a learning experience needs to:

  1. Be learner-centred and build on their existing knowledge
  2. Appeal to all learners and break down barriers to participation
  3. Develop intrinsic motivation
  4. Provide the right level of challenge and support
  5. Deliver timely and specific feedback
  6. Reduce extraneous cognitive load

We use these learning principles - and way more besides - to help companies all over the world develop online courses that actually work.

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