Holistic ways of working

We believe that it’s impossible to separate the learning products and services from the educational systems and work systems that create them.

How we work

When you work with us, you’ll find our process is based on these principles:

  • We follow a user-centred approach in everything we do. We believe that every decision should be based on what’s best for the learner.
  • We use Design Thinking to find innovative solutions to complex learning problems in a fun and creative way.
  • We use Agile rather than traditional project management approaches. We believe that the best courses are developed iteratively, in a way that unlocks value early, and with frequent learner and stakeholder input. We also find that Agile results in faster and more efficient projects.
  • We’re big believers in ‘kaizen‘ and the concept of the ‘aggregation of marginal gains‘. That means we’re always looking for ways to improve how we work, new tools that will make things run more smoothly, and ways to make course creation a fun and satisfying experience for you and for us.

How we use design thinking

Design thinking provides an approach and a framework for us to develop a deep understanding of your project goals and, most importantly, your learners and their motivations and needs. From here we can unlock a range of creative solutions before then prototyping and testing the most likely to succeed. We have a series of workshops (in-person or remote) that we use to work through all of these steps, or we can run an intensive 1-week design sprint to accelerate the process.

How we use Agile

Once we’re clear on what your course needs, we’ll work with you to turn those requirements into a prioritised backlog of work.

We then work in sprints, always focused on the highest priority items. We have well-established systems to manage the process – sprint planning, sprint reviews and retrospectives and daily standup team meetings; and the use of a suite of digital project tools to ensure excellent communications and a smooth process.

We’ve used this process to consistently deliver high quality courses and content extremely quickly.

How we put project teams together

Our model is to keep our core team small, and then to scale up according to the needs of each project. This allows us to remain extremely flexible, and our large and well-established network of partners and freelancers means we can quickly put together a great team specifically for your project. This can include product managers, project managers, writers, editors, UX and visual designers, software developers, video and audio producers, subject matter experts, researchers and more.