InnovateEdTech sessions: Harriet Ballantyne & Doug Belshaw

Here’s another look at some of the excellent talks from last year’s Innovate EdTech conference.

The speakers showcased in this post approach education from two different angles. First, we hear from Harriet Ballantyne, who talks about how to manage and develop online communities through learning apps, as well as the importance of gathering feedback from learners and acting on it.

Then, Doug Belshaw gives us some great insight into developing digital literacies and shows how we can demonstrate achievement online with versatile Open Badges.

The ‘invisible’ learner: being learner-centred in the digital world

Harriet Ballantyne has always had a deep interest in language learning. After a spell in educational publishing, she moved into EdTech and started working for busuu. She heads up the company’s English team, producing content for ESL Students all around the world.

The freemium app helps people learn languages online and has an active online community that brings together language learners with native speakers. There are currently twelve languages available on the platform, including: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.

The world of education is evolving and an increasing number of people are learning new skills online, via apps and platforms. As a result, it’s getting harder to find quality contact time between learners and teachers. Her talk goes into the challenges of creating a language app that allows learners to have real interactions with teachers.

Watch the video and learn how to collect and act on learner feedback from people using a language learning app, and discover some other ways to keep in contact with your students remotely.

Recognising, developing and credentialing digital literacies

Doug Belshaw is an ‘Open Educational Thinkerer’ and his career has moved from formal education to technology. Today he is well known for his work on digital credentialing with Open Badges.

Doug’s talk dives into how to develop digital literacies and looks at how to prove your new credentials with Open Badges – tokens of achievement, authorisation, or other trust relationships, which you can share with others online.

Watch the video and learn about developing your own skills, as well as digital literacy in your students and team members. You’ll also come away with a good understanding of Open Badges and how they can help you in the future.

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