InnovateEdTech sessions: Ed Jones & Caroline Thiriau

There were a number of fascinating and insightful workshops during last year’s Innovate EdTech conference. Here are two of the many excellent sessions that were recorded during the event.

In the first presentation by Ed Jones of Cambridge Assessment English you’ll get a peek into the intriguing world of User Experience (UX) and see how it impacts reading comprehension. In Caroline Thiriau’s video you’ll get a publisher’s perspective and you’ll see how data analysis can enrich our understanding of online learning.


Reading screens: The principles of legibility for a digital world

Ed Jones is the Head of UX at Cambridge Assessment English and been working in the field of interaction and visual design for 20 years. In this talk, Ed dives into the theory of reading and how important UX is when it comes to understanding texts and other information online.

He shares a number practical ideas for educators, especially focused on how ideas are best shared onscreen. In particular, Ed talks about what reading is and how it works as a method of communication, the importance of layout, as well as the principles of composition, typography and design.

Watch this session to gain a foundation in the core principles of effective UX design and come to understand how even minor adjustments on screen can have a big effect on how we read things online.


Data matters: What can data tell us about learner engagement?

Caroline Thiriau is the Associate Business Unit Director in the English Language Teaching division at Cambridge University Press. In this talk, she shares some insights into how learners engage with online learning content, discussing the results of an analysis of more than 250,000 ELT students from the LATAM and EMEA regions.

Caroline takes the raw data and makes it interesting, highlighting key questions about learner engagement with online language learning materials and talks about what this means for teachers and their students.

Watch this video for an in depth look at what data analytics can tell us about our students, their learning habits and how they use online learning materials.


Stay tuned for more videos from InnovateEdTech!

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