The LearnJam inclusivity review

Work with us to build more inclusive learning products and systems and bring positive change to the worlds of education and work

What it is

LearnJam helps organisations better understand what it means to create learning products that are inclusive and accessible. We work closely with your internal team to listen and understand current products and processes and then make clear, actionable recommendations for improvements. 

  • Learn more about the benefits of an inclusive mindset for learning design
  • Develop more inclusive learning design systems in your organisation
  • Identify opportunities to make your learning products more inclusive and accessible

What you get

Through working with LearnJam you will equip your team with the skills, knowledge and awareness to proactively improve the inclusivity of your learning products and systems, allowing more of your learners to fully participate in the learning you provide.

At the end of the review, you will have:

  1. Team-wide understanding of why inclusive learning design is important
  2. Key findings related to specific learning products, learning design systems and internal processes
  3. Prioritised, actionable recommendations to help improve your learning products, processes and your ways of operating as a team
  4. A clear process for implementing the highest priority recommendations
“Working with LearnJam was a really fun, joyful experience that substantially improved the product – both in the learning content itself and in the key elements of the learning experience more valued by users.

Victor Ramos, Co-Managing Partner, Edinumen

How it works

We work closely with your team to understand your organisation, your purpose and your existing systems. We then use our Inclusive Learning Experience Design (ILXD) tools to review your learning products and learning design systems.

Our inclusivity review often includes the following steps:

  1. An initial discovery session with key stakeholders and the LearnJam team
  2. Listening exercises to help us understand your organisation, your products and your processes
  3. Shadowing of key learning design meetings and processes within your organisation
  4. Workshops to explore the biggest pain points and opportunities relating to your learning products and learning design systems
  5. Questions for your team to answer in pursuit of a more inclusive approach to learning 
  6. Clear, actionable recommendations to make effective changes

The process usually happens over 4 weeks, but we will tailor the review to meet the needs of your organisation and can discuss and define the process in an initial call together.

Why work with us

We believe that a more conscious and connected approach to learning design is needed in order to break down damaging and oppressive inequalities in education. 

Working with us will allow your organisation to move along the path to a more inclusive learning design system, allowing more learners to fully participate in and benefit from the education that you provide. This will bring benefits for the individual learners, your organisation and society as a whole.

We bring:

  1. Deep knowledge of inclusive learning design, with tools and processes to assess and improve the inclusivity of your learning products and systems
  2. Expert insight into how learning really works, informed by our evidence-based Learning Design Principles
  3. A knowledgeable, purpose-driven team with years of experience designing effective, engaging and inclusive learning experiences
  4. A holistic approach that combines systems thinking, design thinking and learner-centred processes to drive positive change in education and work