Design and build online learning experiences that remove barriers and help everyone participate fully.

Work with us to integrate inclusive learning design into your organisation and build learning experiences that break down rather than reinforce existing inequalities. 

Why inclusivity is important


Cards for Inclusive Learning

Raise your awareness of inclusive learning design and reflect on what makes a learning experience inclusive.

Each deck helps you explore one of the four dimensions of inclusive learning, with prompts for reflection and action.

Inclusivity review

How inclusive are your learning experiences? How can you enable more learners to fully participate? How can you ensure that your systems and processes work to break down rather than reinforce inequalities in education?

We work closely with you to understand your current products and learning design systems; and then make clear, actionable recommendations for how to make your learning products and processes more inclusive.

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Resources for inclusive learning

We’re building a library of resources to help you better understand and practice inclusive learning design.

Start here:

An introduction to inclusive learning design (ILXD)

Moving towards an inclusive mindset

Content creation

Outsource your content development to experts in inclusive learning design.

We develop learning content for a wide range of subjects – a few recent examples include language learning, sales training, workplace learning for catering workers, commercial radio, cybersecurity and neuroscience-informed marketing.

We put together content teams specifically for each project – typically a combination of our in-house team and experts from our large and well-established network of suppliers and freelancers.

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Course design

Let’s work together to design inclusive learning experiences for your customers and clients. 

We’ll work with you to define your course goals and learning objectives, work with SMEs, learners and stakeholders to define a course approach, and then develop a course blueprint ready to taken forward by a development team.

You can work with us on a done-for-you basis (outsource your course design to us) or done-with-you, where we work together with your team.

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“LearnJam’s webinar on inclusive learning design made us reconsider much of what we do for our webinars and how we make them accessible for our audiences.”

Will Rixon, Teacher Training & Author Relationship Manager at Macmillan Education