Accelerated learning design

It’s not a matter of just transferring your existing materials to an online platform. Online learning requires a different learning design approach to in-person. We have an established learning design methodology for helping our clients develop digital experiences, but right now we are accelerating that process to help you establish your needs quickly through short remote workshops. This allows us to design your learning experience based on what’s critical for your business right now.

Scalable content teams

We set you up with a dedicated content team that you can scale up / down to meet your needs. We can adapt your existing content, create new content or do both at the same time. Our agile content development methodology is based on 1-week sprints, and enables us to deliver ready-for-release content on a daily basis.

Existing platform partnerships

If you don’t have an existing learning platform, we work with some of the best mobile and online learning platform providers – you can be set up and distributing courses to your learners within a few days.

LearnJam has been a trusted partner of Rosetta Stone since 2013 and they consistently meet (or beat) our tight deadlines. LearnJam always complete work expertly and with a good sense of humor.

Lisa Frumkes, Head of Language Learning, Rosetta Stone

Featured Case Study

Driving revenue growth at one of Silicon Valley’s most exciting AI companies

After receiving $500m in series A investment, our client needed to design and deliver a learning programme to onboard and upskill a global sales team that was growing at warp speed. We researched, designed and created a custom programme that helps new sales hires start selling as quickly as possible.

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