Get ready for InnovateELT 2019 with these four workshops

Have you got your ticket yet for InnovateELT 2019? Our annual conference, co-organised with Oxford TEFL is just around the corner.

Held at Oxford House in Barcelona, it’s a place where ELT professionals – teachers, publishers, writers and others – gather from all over the world to discuss the ins and outs of the ELT industry and make friends for life.

This year’s conference will take place on Friday 17th May and Saturday 18th May.

To warm up for the main event, we are organising four dynamic pre-conference workshops on the morning of Friday 17th. Boost your #iELT19 weekend with four hours of extra training facilitated by expert presenters who have extensive experience working across ELT.

Here’s what you can learn at each of the workshops.

Workshop 1: Grow your business with content marketing

In this hands-on workshop, Dan Shepherd and George Chilton, co-founders of the Barcelona-based content marketing agency Hubbub Labs, share their insight on growing a business with the help of content marketing.

Learn how to come up with a smart content marketing strategy, define your objectives, focus your messaging, connect with your audience and create engaging blog posts. You’ll walk away from this workshop equipped with actionable content marketing advice that you can start implementing the next day.


Dan Shepherd, Co-founder at Hubbub Labs and Content Manager at ELTjam

George Chilton, Co-founder and Creative Director at Hubbub Labs

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Workshop 2: User experience design essentials for ELT

In this session, Jo Sayers and Amit Patel, leading experts in user experience design, take a look at four essential tools that user experience designers swear by and apply them to the world of ELT.

By the end of the workshop, you will be armed with a set of tools and resources that you can use to understand your learners better and create better learning experiences for them. You will also have a clear idea of the similarities and differences between User Experience Design (UX) and Learner Experience Design (LX).


Jo Sayers, Director and Head of Product at ELTjam

Amit Patel, Founder and Director at Experience Haus

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Workshop 3: Make language come alive with STEM in early childhood

In this workshop, Claire Venables shares an overview of the principles which make STEM in Early Childhood Education the perfect vehicle for English language learning, showing real examples of how such a project was implemented at a preschool in Brazil.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are, unfortunately, missing from most preschooler’s curriculums. It’s a shame because STEM learning provides the opportunity for children to extend their natural curiosity, and can serve as a wonderfully engaging and stimulating context for language learning to take place. You will walk away from the session with an understanding of why STEM learning is so beneficial and how you can implement a STEM project in your own classroom.


Claire Venables, Founder, EFL Teacher and Language Coach at Active English

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Workshop 4: Pron & More: bring Pron into the mainstream

In this workshop, Nicola Meldrum and Mark McKinnon help you develop a range of teaching skills focusing on pronunciation. They share tools and techniques that will help you fully integrate pronunciation work into your lessons and empower you to feel confident about planning effective lessons and reacting to your learners in an informed and effective manner.

Find out how to balance the focus on input and output in lesson planning with Feedback Focused Planning (FFP). Last but not least, learn how to integrate pronunciation into lesson objectives and stage your lessons effectively so you work on meaning, form and sound in all lessons (MFS).


Nicola Meldrum, Freelance Writer and Course Director at OxfordTEFL’s Trinity Dip TESOL course

Mark McKinnon, English Teacher at UAB Idiomes Barcelona and course tutor on OxfordTEFL’s Trinity Dip TESOL course

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Which workshop has caught your attention? Get your tickets before they sell out!

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