Make sure your learning experience
follows the research into how
people really learn

Many online courses consist of little more than information
presentations and simple concept check quizzes.

That goes against everything we know about how learning happens.

Let’s use evidence-informed learning design
to make your course stand out.

Our learning design principles

We’ve developed a set of research-informed learning design principles to guide how we design and develop courses.

You can get them as a free download – as an ebook or as a more extensive whitepaper.

Our learning design principles - cover image


We’re building a library of articles and downloadable resources that you can use to help make sure your course is following the research – in a practical and achievable way.

Start here:

What makes an effective learning experience?
3 key principles from learning research (long form article)

How we researched our learning design principles
Podcast episode + article

Learning design review

We can work with you and your team to develop an online learning strategy and approach which is grounded in evidence-informed learning design principles.

We can carry out an audit of your current solution and make detailed recommendations for improvements.

Tim and Katy providing consultancy

Content creation

Our content development approach is guided by our learning design principles.

We develop learning content for a wide range of subjects – a few recent examples include language learning, sales training, workplace learning for catering workers, commercial radio, cybersecurity and neuroscience-informed marketing.

We put together content teams specifically for each project – typically a combination of our in-house team and experts from our large and well-established network of suppliers and freelancers.

Laurie writing content

Course design

We can work with you to define your course goals and learning objectives, work with SMEs, learners and stakeholders to define a course approach, and then develop a course blueprint ready to taken forward by a development team.

At every stage, we’ll be using our evidence-informed learning design principles to guide the process and the decisions we make together about your course.

You can work with us on a done-for-you basis (outsource your course design to us) or done-with-you, where we work together with your team.

Laurie mapping out a course design