What makes us different

Sound learning principles

With over 100 years’ experience of designing and developing ELT products and content between us, we know what makes a great language learning experience. We care deeply about learning and the process of learning design. This is reflected in our learning design principles, which guide all the work that we do.

Speed and scale

Within our team we have content, tech, design and project management expertise. And we have a large network of brilliant freelance talent. This means we can get started quickly, and have the scale to take on any digital ELT project, from developing a small prototype, to delivering a large-scale content project or technology build.

Digital expertise

The world of digital learning is constantly evolving and nothing excites us more than being part of it. We work across a range of industries and contexts, and design and build digital ELT products that combine genuine pedagogical value with forward-thinking approaches to technology.

Innovative learning design

Stop having meetings about your next digital product and start designing it. We understand the challenges of balancing innovation with business as usual and use our learning design approach to help you develop bold ideas and make them real in days, not months.

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Rapid digital content development

Developing high-quality content and assets for digital ELT products can be complex and time-consuming, especially if your team is already at full capacity or not 100% confident with digital. We’re digital content specialists, and our agile development approach cuts through the complexity of large projects – so we can scale up and deliver content quickly.

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A technical team to build your product

If you don’t have a product and tech team to make your product ideas happen, our team of designers and programmers can develop digital products to meet your learners' needs and help your business grow. We can work with you to rapidly develop and test concepts and ideas, take on full product builds across web and mobile, and see your project through to a successful launch.

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Some of our ELT clients

LearnJam provided us with expertise in best practice learning design and digital innovation. We were looking for people to challenge our thinking and take our project to the next level – that's exactly what they did.

Debra Marsh, Director Learning Design and Teacher Management, Excedo


High quality content for business professionals in Japan and Latin America

Excedo is a new mobile learning programme developed by Nikkei-Financial Times. Excedo needed a way to develop a large number of short courses rapidly and in the face of evolving requirements.

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