Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 22.20.12Oxford University’s Said Business School is behind the launch of Emerge Education – an EdTech incubator designed to help education entrepreneurs get up and running.

According to the CEO:

Education is being disrupted by innovative technology at all levels, making for an exciting commercial opportunity and a chance to have a lasting positive impact on future generations. The difficulty for European startups trying to capitalize on this trend lies in the absence of an ecosystem that is able to provide acceleration tailored to their specific needs

Successful applicants will get office space, weekly coaching, a small amount of funding and advice and mentoring from the founders of EdTech startups including Mendeley, Busuu and Memrise. As well as that, they’ll get access to technology such as the Arbor Education learning management system and the Oystercrowd gamification More info here.

logo-texturedThe launch of Emerge Education comes not long after the arrival of the UK’s very first EdTech incubator, Edtech Incubator (how did they think of the name??), which is based in London’s Silicon Roundabout.

So, if you’ve got an EdTech idea, you now have two incubators in the UK to help you get up and running – there are only a handful of places in each, though, so I guess you’d better be good. I’d expect more of these to spring up soon, probably spinning out of universities. In fact, given its hi-tech cred and location in ‘Silicon Fen’, I’m quite surprised there’s been no action so far from Cambridge University.

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