Co-learning at the end of an era

A weekly session of resources and conversations that shift our perceptions and help us imagine radically better ways of being on this planet, hosted by LearnJam.

Session format

A weekly 75-minute co-learning session. Come as you are; no preparation needed.
Each week, LearnJam or another participant will choose and share with the group a relevant resource (this could be an article, poem, podcast, video, artwork etc.). We will connect with the resource independently during the session, then come back together to reflect and discuss, either as a whole group or in breakout rooms.

The sessions are facilitated in a consent-based way, where you are welcome to participate only in a way that feels right for you. You can opt out of any part, or even the whole thing. We won’t be offended, just do what’s right for you.

If you sign up, you will be added to the calendar invites for the sessions, and have the option of joining the WhatsApp community.

Why co-learning at the end of an era?

At LearnJam design we learning experiences and experiments that help us imagine radically better ways of being on this planet. 

This direction comes from a deep worry and sadness that the way we live (in the Global North) in will result in an unliveable planet. 

We see this crisis as a result of systems that are inherently unsustainable. The stories we are told about growth, profit and prosperity don’t fit with the reality of our predicament and the planets ability to sustain life. It feels like this era of those stories is coming to an end

We want these co-learning sessions to be a space to come together and explore this end of an era more, and what might come next, through engaging with and discussing a related resource.