Developing an online entrepreneurship syllabus for young adults

EtonX is an EdTech company founded by Eton College which creates learning software and course materials for teenagers.

The problem

EtonX wanted to create an engaging entrepreneurship course for 14-20-year olds. The key skills and approaches had already been identified by EtonX through in-depth consultations with student societies and experts at Eton College. We were asked to translate these topics into a syllabus design for a fully online course made up of self-study, peer-to-peer and instructor-led sessions. The challenge was in understanding learners’ wants and needs, mapping learning objectives to an already defined course structure of 6 x 1-week blocks and devising pedagogically effective interactions to provide an impactful online learning experience.

The solution

We designed the syllabus for new entrepreneurs around the key concepts of spotting opportunities and developing their ideas, from understanding the problem space and testing ideas, through to iterating and pitching. We felt that one of the best ways to engage young people was through role-models and examples that learners might not otherwise find in the news and that would show a range of different and powerful examples from the world of entrepreneurship. In addition, we wanted to include opportunities for practical application, with students working in small teams to develop a new business idea.

Key takeaways 

We co-created the core elements of the syllabus over the course of a 1-day workshop with a cross-functional team of learning designers, subject matter experts and technologists. An Eton student joined us for the workshop, and it was invaluable to get his input and perspective on what would be interesting and engaging. The course we helped design has demonstrated its impact with students reporting a real increase in their ability to spot and exploit business opportunities, as well as in their collaboration and communication skills.

The finished product:

“It was a pleasure to work with LearnJam. Their start-up experiences made them an excellent fit for this project & their structured and creative approach meant syllabus development for the course ran extremely smoothly.

Emma Grisewood, Publishing Manager, EtonX