The power of positive framing in learning design

Research tells us that learning best occurs when we’re in a positive emotional state. ‘Framing’ is a powerful device from the field of positive psychology to keep a positive mindset in adverse situations. Read about one tool borrowed from design thinking that could help learners apply a positive frame throughout their learning journey, resulting in … Read more

Online learning events with the LearnJam team: out and about

Being a distributed team here at LearnJam, we’re used to collaborating together and running remote workshops fully online. So, over the last month, we’ve loved seeing online communities grow and have been showing our virtual faces at as many online learning events as possible. Here are some of the Zooms and Hangouts we’ve been in … Read more

Learning and Time

Day 55 in isolation, or is it day 5… I, like many others, have lost track of time spent in lockdown conditions, finding that without the normal spatial cues of a commute or regular social engagements, time somehow has less meaning. Time is immensely fluid – we know that it can fly by when you’re … Read more

LX Berlin Begins: A new event for learner experience designers

Berlin is perhaps best known for its blend of creativity, culture and art. It’s this innovative outlook that’s made it one of Europe’s most dynamic business scenes. In fact, a new startup is founded every 20 minutes, according to the German Times. And if you work in education, you’ll soon find yourself amongst a growing … Read more

LXD in action: running a design sprint at IATEFL 2019

At ELTjam we’ve developed a practical, learner-centred approach to product design that we call Learner Experience Design. We work with organisations to apply this process to learner and teacher problems and come up with solutions; whether that’s an app, a full online course, or a lesson plan or syllabus. To show this approach in action , Katy and Berta ran an IATEFL workshop to showcase a process we use, the ‘Learner Experience Design Sprint’.

Changing Perspective: LXD with ELTjam

ELT editor and materials writer Katy Asbury gives us her take on ELTjam’s Learner Experience Design training and the impact it had on her perspective on teaching.

One facet of product design is knowing your audience inside out through User Personas, a clear set of personas setting out goals and needs of different Users, which guides your design. How could we use this approach to help our different learners? I decided to create my own set of Learner Personas and apply these to my digital product to consider how and where improvements could be made.