Articles about evidence-informed learning design, principles of effective learning, and learning science.

What makes an effective learning experience?
3 principles from the science of adult learning: a long read on our research-informed learning design principles and how they can be applied.

How we researched our learning design principles
Laura Patsko talks about how she tackled researching and developing our learning design principles.

What is learning experience design?
A short summary of the field of learning experience design and our LXD framework.

What is microlearning?
A short overview of the pros and cons of microlearning and some tips for how to make it effective.


Articles about inclusive learning design.

An introduction to inclusive learning design (ILXD)
The last year has seen an unprecedented rush to teaching, learning, and working online. This has highlighted – and also worsened – problems of access and inclusion for many learners worldwide. This articles explores what we can and should be doing about this.

Moving towards an inclusive mindset
Many of us sincerely believe that the world could be a fairer, more inclusive place – and that we all have a role to play in shaping this vision of a better future. But where to begin?

The dimensions and levels of inclusive learning experience design (ILXD)
What’s needed to improve the inclusivity and accessibility of learning experience design?


Articles about innovation, creativity, design thinking and our learning design processes.

How to storyboard a course
A learning journey needs a clear destination and a clear origin. Storyboarding is a great way to plot out that journey. This is our detailed step-by-step guide on how to storyboard your course. 

Agile publishing: a case study
A detailed look at how we implemented Agile principles in the development of learning content for a Nikkei-Financial Times project.

Innovation (Podcast Episode 8)
We had a chat with fellow LearnJam co-founder, Nick Robinson, about whether people can learn to be innovative and what innovation looks like in an organisation.

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