Another round up of Indie ELT books

Since our last round up, more self-published and small press books have been released. It’s not an easy route, especially in terms of getting your book out there and into the path of teachers and students, so check out these titles.

Manage Human Resources in English by Simona Petrescu

Manage_Human_Resourc_Cover_for_KindleThis is a course of English for experienced HR professionals with managerial responsibilities. The course is mapped on the HR processes, which were broken down into individual tasks and further into steps that require a particular type of language. Each lesson focuses on an HR task that involves productive communication (speaking or writing). The tasks are examined from the HR content, as well as the language, point of view. The course is suitable for speakers of English from an intermediate level upwards.

Language has been approached as a spin-off of the HR processes, in other words it emerged from the work task that was involved in a particular process. Each lesson is centred on a communicative task within the HR process, which is illustrated by a mind map at the beginning the lesson. The lessons are consistently built on a step-by-step pattern, from analysing the conceptual content of the task to the words to the language structures required to perform the task. In the final stage of the lesson, using a Help Page where the mind map attaches typical language to the communicative task, the learner has to integrate the language learnt and finally perform the task. The concept of this book was awarded the prestigious British Council ELTons Award for Innovative Writing in 2011.

Available from Amazon.

Jaq’s ESL Lessons: English Language Lessons That Motivate Learners: Book 1 by Jaq James

jaqAll ESL teachers have been there … being met with the dreaded silence and glum faces of a classroom of students when you thought your lesson should excite, or at least interest, your students. This ain’t good when considering the fact that motivation is just as important as, if not more important than, aptitude when it comes to learning a second language. Luckily, those days are over! Jaq’s ESL Lessons: Book 1 is a comprehensively packaged electronic learning and teaching tool, specifically designed to motivate ESL learners. It has gone through a process of trials and refinement for more than a year in different parts of the world. The package consists of a student textbook, teaching instructions and slideshow presentations that innovatively incorporate creative activities and multimedia in an entertaining and aesthetically pleasing way, guaranteed to help keep learners engaged and motivated. 

Available from Jaq’s website.



The Round

English for the Zombie Apocalypse by Robert Campbell and Lindsay Clandfield

EZA-theroundCommunication is a vital skill when you’re facing the end of the world. And when the zombie apocalypse comes, chances are people will be communicating in English. This e-book contains all the essential language you need to work with others and face the undead.

There are units on calling for help, scavenging, meeting other survivors and most importantly not giving up hope. The book also comes with audio tracks of all the dialogues, and a special A-Z alphabet feature that gives you all the essential vocabulary you need when confronted with hordes of zombies.

It is the authors’ hope that, armed with this language, your fight for survival will become all the more easy.

Available from The Round.

ELT Teacher 2 Writer

How To Write For Digital Media by Jeremy Day and Pete Sharma

DigitalMediaThe digital age is upon us and there’s no going back! To quote Jeremy Day, one of the authors of this module, ‘These are great times to be an ELT writer … if you can get your head round the challenges of writing for digital.’ This ebook is designed to help you make the transition from print to digital and is for anyone who wants to create digital materials and use digital environments, whether you are an author who has been commissioned by a publisher, an author who wants to self-publish, a teacher who wants to create digital materials and use digital environments more effectively to teach your own learners, or an editor who edits digital materials.

This ebook forms part of the ELT Teacher 2 Writer training course. The training modules are designed to help you write better ELT materials, either for publication, or simply to improve the quality of your self-produced classroom materials.

Available from Amazon.




From English Teacher to Learner Coach by Daniel Barber and Duncan Foord

learner-coach-tbThis is a book for EFL teachers who want successful students, not just successful lessons. More than ever before, English learners have the tools and opportunities to practise and become competent English users, but they will need support and guidance to make the most of them. In other words, they need a coach. This book helps you to give your teaching a coaching twist, which in turn helps your students practise more outside class and get more out of what they do in class with you. The book has two parts. The guide for teachers includes a clear rationale for a coaching approach, ways to give your teaching a coaching twist and coaching activities you can use in your lessons. The student book has 39 activities to help students get motivated, organised and to help them practise English outside class on their own or with fellow students.

Learners can buy the Student book as a separate mini-book for the price of a coffee. From English Teacher to Learner Coach is for all types of English class: adults, teens and younger learners, general and business English, EAP classes, large groups and one-to-ones, classes with or without a course book. Many activities are internet based but there are plenty of unplugged alternatives, which require no technological resources.

Details of how to buy the book and the Student book can be found on​.


If you have an ELT book out that you’ve self-published or is available through an independent press, we’ll be running another round up September 2015.  The deadline is 6th September. Please send a blurb, front cover, author/editor details and buy links to blogeditor at eltjam dot com. We can’t guarantee to include every title sent and we’re not reviewing the books at this stage.

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