We are learning and project enthusiasts that want to resist the current dominant systems and wriggle out of being part of the problem.

Our story

LearnJam started life in 2013, energised to explore what it meant to bring together two different worlds: education and technology. Since then, we have been through many changes, iterations and incarnations, all of them connected to designing and delivering effective learning experiences.

LearnJam started a new journey in 2023, driven by a deeper understanding of the crises that define our time; and with that a stronger commitment to using our learning design skills for good.

Our team


Growing up, queer and neurodivergent, on a council estate in Manchester, before moving to London to study mathematics and then becoming a corporate consultant, has given me an unusual perspective on the concept of success in modernity.

Following an MSci in mathematics, I have spent over 10 years as a project professional, helping to solve organisational problems. I am now exploring how best to apply my skills and experience to challenge the dominant paradigm and support a transition to better ways of being on this planet.

I enjoy creative and collaborative problem solving, exploring interconnectedness and unconventional ideas, imagining and welcoming the emergence of alternative perspectives and possibilities, and bridging the gap between complex ideas and everyday concepts.


I live in Devon, with two young children. I daydream about being in the sea, or out in the forest. I co-run LearnJam and devote my energy to how we might connect to nature, fight for collective liberation and usher in new systems. I love diving deep into the contexts in which we work and finding ways through challenges we encounter. I love bringing my energy and learning design expertise to situations that are complicated and arriving at a direction that feels right, then testing it. 

I want to use these skills to help imagine better ways of being; different systems where we are more connected to the land and to each other, where people learn to be a part of the more-than human world and value more than material success.


Katy has a background in teaching, ELT publishing and creative writing. As a learning designer, Katy creates impactful, inclusive learning experiences using a combination of proven pedagogy and engaging content. She uses her deep learning design skills, empathy and insight to bring the voice of the learners to content creation projects at LearnJam.

In our work, you’ll find Katy writing and editing content, running storyboarding workshops, making improvements to our learning design tools, and planning our next team meetup. A keen hiker, she recharges by roaming the hills of England, Spain, or her native New Zealand.


As a lifelong linguist, Delphine’s driving force is to understand a country’s culture more deeply and make meaningful relationships as a result. She approaches learning design in the same way, seeking to reduce the gap between the learner and course content. Throughout her varied career as editor, teacher, project manager and learning designer, her constant has been a desire to communicate information in as meaningful and impactful a way as possible.

Delphine is at her best when juggling projects with a different focus. She enjoys taking time out to have a stretch before attacking her to-do list with renewed energy.

Who we’re working with

Beyond our core team, we have the privilege of working alongside a wonderful group of close collaborators.


Laura brings a background in teaching, learning, research and linguistics to a wide range of projects at LearnJam, and specializes in communicating clearly in English in international contexts. She also co-hosts our podcast!

Laura is based in Athens, Greece, where she also teaches and trains volunteers working with refugee communities across the country. When she’s not working, you’ll usually find her making something or exploring the city with her awesome little dog, Hero.


With a background in primary school teaching and anthropology, Berta became drawn to UX design, gathering her skills and interests in one discipline. After 6 inspiring years in London, she’s now based in Barcelona.

In our work, you’ll find Berta conducting user research, empathising with learner problems and designing solutions to tackle them. She feels most energised by learning to unlearn and working towards systems change.

Berta can’t go a day without listening to the radio, and is happiest after a run and/or a yoga stretch.


After joining LearnJam in 2017, Patrick found he had a natural aptitude for the technical side of learning design. Since then he has developed his skills in the practical aspects of content creation, and takes satisfaction in overcoming challenges and seeing a project through to completion. 

In our work you’ll find Patrick offering solutions and working hard to produce the best user experience possible. Outside of work he can often be found exploring medieval buildings and ancient ruins.

Our network

We have a large and well-established network of partners and collaborators. This means we can create teams to manage projects of any size and ensure that every project team has exactly the specialist skills it needs. Our network includes:

  • Collaborators, co-creators, project managers and facilitators
  • Dreamers and imagineers
  • System thinkers
  • Slow workers
  • Technology teams (software developers, UX designers, product managers)
  • Content experts (writers, editors, copywriters, proofreaders)
  • Creators, creatives and media producers (including designers, illustrators, video and audio producers)
  • Subject matter experts