5 minutes at an ELTjam session: Pt. 2/3



Watch Director of MGVDO Martyn Gretton and Business Development Manager at EMC Design Sophie O’Rourke share their thoughts and predictions on how technology might effect the future of ELT. The videos were taken at an ELTjam session during the 2014 IATEFL conference in Harrogate. They each last five minutes and are there to get people talking about what is happening to the ELT industry now and what might happen later.

Martyn talks about the importance of video content in teaching, getting students motivated and improving actual learning materials. He talks about the surge of data in the internet and how that will affect video, which already makes up more than 50% of content on the Internet. The links to the data that Martyn is referring to can be found on www.mgvdo.co.uk .

Martyn Gretton: The future of video in ELT from eltjam on Vimeo.

Sophie gives her predictions on teaching and learning and how the publishing industry will have to change. She talks about commercial success rates and how design can help ELT publishing.

Sophie O’Rourke: The future of design in ELT from eltjam on Vimeo.


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